Why Location is Important for Day Care Building


Why Location is Important for Day Care Building

Are you looking to Build your own day care center ? This article is about ” Location ” , and Why its important when your building a Day Care.


The building or space in which the day care center is located is not as  important as what  goes  on inside of it  good programs can be found in maker shift quarters or poor programs can be found in luxurious,  modern buildings,  depending on whether the staff know their jobs or not.

The quarters need not be luxurious, but they must have certain conditions of space and facilities necessary for the comfort and safety of groups of very young children. Following are come of the criteria:


Why Location is Important for Day Care Building

Why Location is Important for Day Care Building

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The premises should be within walking distance of the children’s homes.


1   Young children are usually brought to  school by adults.

Busy adults are more likely to take their children each day if the center is in their own neighborhood.

Sometimes older brothers and sisters  accompany the young ones on the way to their own school, which is usually near their home.

2  It is comforting to a young child that his “school” is in his own  neighborhood among familiar surroundings.

3   The center can have an influence on the whole community when it is  located in the area where the children and their families live – parents and other community people can see it, watch the children, and visit often.

4   Long trips by bus  or other transportation are fatiguing for young children and increase exposure to contagious or infectious illness.


If parents do not accompany children on the bus,  the important contact between the home and the center is  lost.


Why Day Care centers are best located in separated building ? 


1   The program for a day care center requires a different time schedule and different arrangement and use of space from that of a school or a club or any other type of service.

Therefore the organization of a suitable program for pre-school children is difficult when a center has  to  share kitchens,  toilets, hallways,  offices, with a program for school-age children,  or other groups.

2   The noise and commotion resulting from several groups using one building is disturbing to young children; and conversely the noise and activity which is normal and even essential for pre-school children is very disturbing to the older groups.


The Day care center building should built in style and structure according to local culture.

1  The style and structure of the local buildings are best adapted to the climate, way of living,

etc.  and present fewer problems of use than do  styles of building – copied from other cultures.

2   The  transition from home to the day care center is more comfortable for a child when he goes into a building much like all  the other buildings he has known.

3  It is less expensive to use local rather than imported materials.


Article source : JDC guide for day care centers a handbook to aid communities in developing day care center programs.


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