Unique Ideas for Admission Requirements of Day Care


Ideas for Admission Requirements of Day Care

In order that  a day care center may have value for children and the  community,  you must make sure that it has certain rules of operation which insure that the needs of the children will not all times be met.

Conditions and customs vary from one community and one country to another,  but the basic needs and rights of children are the same every where .

Some rules for operation of a day care center,  suggested here, have been established as  the result of experience in meeting children’s needs through this type of program in many different countries.

For some communities they might be considered as minimal,  and for others as maximum, but if followed they do provide good care for the children.


Unique Ideas for Admission Requirements of Day Care

Unique Ideas for Admission Requirements of Day Care

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Children To Be Admitted 

A child should have reached the age of three years and be not older than  six years of age to be accepted for the type of day care center program described in this article.

In some countries, day care services for children under three years of age as well  as for school-age children

in  their after-school hours will be found, but for each age-group a different  type of program and staff is required.

The program detailed here is specifically planned for the developmental level of children be tween  three and six years of age.

A child must have passed a physical  examination which shows him to be  in good health and free from mental and physical handicaps. Children with serious handicaps may be harmed rather than helped by attending the center.

For example,  mentally retarded children need much special attentions  and a  special  training program. 

Otherwise they become unhappy and frustrated trying to keep up with youngsters their age who are of normal mental development.

Most children with serious physical handicaps need special attention and special  equipment which a day care center does not have,  because it  is organised and equipped for a child who is physically competent.

Children should be accepted for regular attendance only.

The child cannot benefit  from the program if he attends irregularly.


He must not only attend every day (except when he is  sick) –  but he must be there during all of the hours the center is open (exceptions  to this may be made  for very young children during the time they are getting adjusted to  the program).


Unique Ideas for Admission Requirements of Day Care 1

Unique Ideas for Admission Requirements of Day Care 


The number of children to be enrolled  in   the center should be determined in accordance with the amount of space available,  according to the following requirements

–   Children should be separated into class groups according to age (i.e.    3’s,    4’s,    5’s).

–   each group of children needs one classroom entirely at  their disposal.

–   The maximum number of children to accept for one class is fifty
(fewer for three-year old).

–   A maximum of six classes per center is recommended  (although under certain conditions  if sufficient classrooms,  outdoor space,  and staff are avail,   ( A larger number can be managed).


The  figure of   50 children per class  is  the maximum to be enrolled.

Some children will of course be absent due to illness;  a normal rate of attendance is 55-90   of enrollment.

If  the attendance  figure is constantly lower than  this,  there is  something wrong, the health program may not be adequately protecting children from illness, or the center may be too far from the homes of the children.

Or the children may refuse to attend (in which  case it  is apparent  that  the  staff are not making the center a happy place for children).

When attendance  is  too low,  the committee and the director or social worker should  find out why and then  should act upon the findings.

Children who do net come  to  the center over a long period of time should be dropped from the enrollment list  in order to make room for children who will come regularly enough to benefit from the service.

Article source : JDC guide for day care centers a handbook to aid communities in developing day care center programs.


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