The Value of Good Sleep Habits of Preschool child


The Value of Good Sleep Habits of Preschool child

The Value of Good Sleep Habits of Preschool child : Preschool sleep problems,The important of sleep in child development and Toddler Sleep.

The Value of Good Sleep Habits of Preschool child

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Authorities  in the  field of child care and training cite insufficient  sleep as  a contributing factor  in all sorts  of physical and emotional maladjustments,  and there  is  little  doubt that  in a large number  of  instances this  explanation is warranted.

The  organism is  dependent upon sleep as a means  of restoring its  energies,  and the consequences  of any marked interference with the  usual,  needed habits of  sleep are  serious.

The  foundation of  sleep  habits  has  especially great  significance for  the welfare  of the  growing child. The more rapid the  child’s growth the more  sleep he needs.

Dr.  Thom says,  “Sleep is a matter of greatest  importance  to the mental and physical welfare  of the
child,  especially during the  first  three  years. rough the  physiological  process  of sleep,  nature  has  provided for  the
conservation of the  child’s  energy,  so that  it may meet  adequately the  demands  made  upon it by  the  tremendous  physical and mental  growth that  is  taking place.”

Faegre  and Anderson came  to the conclusion from their extensive  study of the sleep habits  of young  children that  “nothing can better  promote the  child’s readiness  for making  good responses  to the  demands  of  his  environment  than regular and  sufficient  sleep.”


Langdon  states  “Authorities  agree that sleep  is  essential  to  life  itself and that good sleep habits  are among the  first  habits  the  child needs  to  learn if  he  is  to be strong, healthy and happy as  one wants  him to be.”  

These  habits  do not  just appen, but “they must be learned as any other habits are learned, through the  careful planning and wise guidance of the parents who realize that they are helping their baby to form habits which are essential to his  health and well-being.”

 Dr.  Blanton  another  specialist  in the  field  of  child guidance,  stresses  the  point that  “sleeping  habits  built up in childhood influence the  sleep of  the  adult,  therefore the  lessons  involved are not for a night but for  a  lifetime.” 

The Value of Good Sleep Habits of Preschool child Article Source : This article courtesy should goes to ” Sleep problems of the preschool child ” book submitted by Adelaide Romine Holcombe.


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