Language Development Milestones 3 to 4 years Child


Language Development Milestones 3 to 4 years Child

Language Development Milestones 3 to 4 years Child : How three to four years old child learning to talk, Delayed Speech or Speaking vocabulary.

Language Development Milestones 3 to 4 years Child

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Three and four

The high-point years

The three-year-old has too much to say to rely on jargon and gesture alone and so he uses words socially to tell you what he thinks and wants. He learns so fast that you would have to follow him about with a tape-recorder to get a good picture of his progress.

There are some landmarks to watch for, however.His hearing skills have matured to the point where he can repeat a four-word-long sentence.

His language shows a considerable understanding of words and what they mean.  For example, he can identify objects, like “truck”, and activities, like “running”, from pictures. He names familiar objects with ease. He knows whether he is a boy or a girl.

He understands and he uses some verbs, adjectives, pronouns and prepositions. His speaking vocabulary probably contains 900 to 1000 words and he understands another one to two thousand. (No one, of course, would advise you to count your child’s words, even if you could, in order to tell whether he’s normal or not.

This estimate from research studies just shows how much even a three-year-old knows about his native tongue. It also suggests why you should be worried if your three-year-old only says one or two words.)

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Three and four




The four-year-old child begins to notice the usefulness of different forms of words. He learns to use plurals; there is one “cookie” and then there are “cookies”, even more delicious. He calls Mommy’s shoe “hers” and Daddy’s shoe “his” and can be quite insistent in the use of the adjectiv,  ‘my.” He learns words that show differences in size; like “big” and

Past and future mean something to him and so he finds it helpful to learn the appropriate verb forms:  “.Daddy went to work,” “Daddy’s coming home soon.”  He can put words together in their proper order and he speaks in short sentences.

All his years of practice in making sounds now show their value. Strangers can understand about 90 percent of what he says. As far as complexity goes, he speaks in roughly the same form as the everyday, conversational speech he hears around him. During his fourth year he perfects his pronunciation of S and Z sounds, of blend sounds like TRee, BLame, teLLS, where two consonants follow one upon the other, and of friction sounds like the J in Joke, and baDGE and the CH sound, in CHew and batCH.

These require new sound combinations and skillful muscle coordination. The four-year-old has mastered most of the vowels and the diphthong sounds like OU in OUt and the 01 in 011. He can say the consonants P, B, N, W, T, D, N and H.

He can control his voice better than before and when he speaks the sounds come forth more smoothly, his voice is not so loud, and it rises and falls to express questions and statements.

During  these third and  fourth  years  children develop a feedback system. They begin to listen to the sound of their own voices as they talk and they correct themselves. They start to compare their own speech sounds with the speech around them.

The result is the appearance of a native dialect. The child from the South begins to sound different from the child from New England, just as the people around him pronounce words and use rhythms which differ from those in another part of the country.

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Language Development Milestones 3 to 4 years Child Article Source :  Learning to talk by National Inst. of Health Bethesda ,Md,  document


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