Daycare Equipment Checklist


Daycare Equipment Checklist 

What Supplies you should need to start a day care

This article is about Daycare Equipment Checklist, Here you can take an idea of What Supplies you should need to start a day care center.

Daycare Equipment Checklist

Daycare Equipment Checklist

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The equipment in your building is as important as the building it self.

Permanent fixtures  such as kitchen,  toileting,  bathing, washing facilities must be of the right  size and type for the purpose taking into consideration that they must serve,  not a family,  but large numbers of children.

The  type of furniture (tables,  chairs, beds or mats  for sleeping) provided for the children has a far reaching effect on their physical development – it  can affect their posture,  and the degree of fatigue they suffer.

The educational  equipment  is the tool of the teacher – it is the means by which she provides  educational end social  experiences for the children.


A suggested list of equipment will be found in the appendix.  

Not all of these articles will be  found,  nor will they be needed,  in every community.

Many of these things can be made to order locally,  or are already being manufactured locally.

Some criteria for selection and use of equipment  for day care  centers follows

–   Children’s furniture and educational  toys must be suitable to ages of children using them.

–   Child-sized furniture for correct posture and comfort.

–   Toys and educational  supplies which correspond to the abilities and the  interests of the children.


Equipment should be safe:

–   It  should always be in  good repair.

–   There should be no protruding or sharp edges.


–   Toys should not be painted with lead-content paint.

–   There  should be no  splinters or protruding nails.


Equipment should be durable:

–   Large numbers of children will be using it.

–   Fragile  equipment which breaks easily is dangerous  and may cause accidents.

–   Equipment which breaks easily discourages the children from learning how to take care of it.

–   Educational ‘equipment must be in adequate supply:

–   Children need to be occupied,

and when there is not enough equipment  they become restless and sometimes quarrelsome and destructive.

–   When there is not  enough equipment,

children are deprived of the chance to play together and to learn social behavior.

Educational equipment should be largely of the type which several children  can use at the same time, 

i.e. blocks,  doll-corner, clay, paints, large climbing apparatus, are preferable to 1  tricycle, 1 expensive  mechanical  toy, 1  expensive doll, or table games which only one or two children  can use at the same time.

Children prefer materials with which they can create or imagine something,  such as blocks,  clay,  paints,  crayons,  small cubes,  doll corners.

Article source : JDC guide for day care centers a handbook to aid communities in developing day care center programs.


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