Classic Riddle Questions to Ask from Anyone


Classic Riddle Questions to Ask from Anyone with Answers, All of these questions are old time famous riddles. So good for adults or high school children.

Classic Riddle Questions to Ask from Anyone

Classic Riddle Questions to Ask from Anyone

Let’s start ?

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Classic Riddles 1

Why is a tired man like a thief at large?


Classic Riddles 2

Why is a laundress like conscience?


Classic Riddles 3

Why is it easy to break into an old man’s


Classic Riddles 4

is locks are few. Why should the world become blind if deprived of its philosophers?




Classic Riddles 5

When is an umbrella like suet?


Classic  Riddles 6

Why is Ireland like a sealed bottle of champagne?


Classic Riddles 7

Why is a widower courting like a dilapidated house?


Classic Riddles 8

Why is a sword that is too brittle like an illnatured and passionate man?



Classic Riddles 9

Why is the profession of a lawyer not only legal, but religious?


Classic Riddles 10

Why are your teeth like verbs?




Classic Riddles 11

Why is a theological student like a merchant?


Classic Riddles 12

When is a husband justified in calling his wife “honey”?


Classic Riddles 13

Why is a beggar like a barrister?


Classic Riddles 14

When you put on your slipper why do you
always make a mistake?


Classic Riddles 15

Why are ladies so fond of officers?


Classic Riddles 16

When is the music at a party most like a
ship in distress?

Classic Riddles 17

Why is your first-born child like a legal deed?


Classic Riddles 18

Why are the stars like wild young men ?


Classic Riddles 19

Why is love at first sight like a seal?


Classic Riddles 20

Why is a fashionable young lady like a ship tacking?


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