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Here is 18 Mind Twister Riddle's, If you can solve all the Riddle's you are a Genius. Only smart people can solve. And this Riddle's for Everyone. 0

18 Mind Twister Riddle’s

18 Mind Twister Riddle’s Answer’s is in Green Box Mind Twister Riddle’s 01   Why is a man who keeps his eyes shut like an illiterate schoolmaster?       Mind Twister Riddle’s 02...

Here is the 20 Best Funny Brainy Riddles for 2020 Latest with Answers  5

20 Funny Brainy Riddles with Answers

Here is the 20 Funny Brainy Riddles with Answers  All the answer is in BLUE BOX   Let’s start !   Funny Brainy Riddles 01    Why is a chicken-pie like a gunsmith’s shop?...