5 to 7 years Child Language Development Milestones

5 to 7 years Child Language Development Milestones

Five, six, and seven: the years for perfecting

5 to 7 years Child Language Development Milestones : How Children of Five, six, and seven the years learning to talk perfect, vocabulary and checklist.

5 to 7 years Child Language Development Milestones

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The five-year-old should be entirely understandable when he speaks. This does not mean that he pronounces each word perfectly that will take more time but it does mean that you and your neighbors can comprehend what he is saying. You will notice that he is using the K, G, F, and V sounds fairly consistently.

These are difficult sounds to make, but he’ll be saying them clearly, except in the even more difficult blend sounds like GR, CL and ST.

The  six-year-old  should be speaking standard English in the complex forms used by the adults around him. He can handle five-word sentences now, and is an expert in the use of prepositions and conjunctions:  “Johnny can’t play ball UNTIL after dinner;” “Daddy said we could go IF Mommy comes, too.”

He is ready to enter first grade with a vocabulary which probably contains about 2,500 words which he can use.  His L, S, Z, and CH sounds appear regularly. So does the R sound, which seems to be very difficult for many children, and which you cannot expect them always to say correctly until their eighth year.

The checklist below will help you follow your own child’s progress. It outlines the behavior which you can expect of your child at various age levels and was compiled by  Mary Wootton Masland, a speech, language and hearing consultant for the Maryland State Department of Health.

If your child fails repeatedly to respond as the checklist suggests, he may have a problem which requires further evaluation by your doctor or by speech, language and hearing  clinicians.  Remember, though, that a tired, hungry, or sleepy child may not respond the same way he would if he were wide-awake and content. You will want to go over these items carefully, several times.

5 to 7 years Child Language Development Milestones Article Source :  Learning to talk by National Inst. of Health Bethesda ,Md,  document

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