15 Solve Enigma that Puzzled for Years


Do you like to Solve Enigma that Puzzled for Years , Then here is 15 Best Enigma Hard Riddles with Answers. These are Cool, Tricky and Brainy Enigma Riddles for Kids and Adult’s.

 All the answers is in Blue Box

15 Solve Enigma that Puzzled for Years

15 Solve Enigma that Puzzled for Years


Solve Enigma 01

What is that which you have, and everybody
else has at the same time?




Solve Enigma 02

What is that which goes up the hill, and down
the hill, and spite of all yet standeth still?.




Solve Enigma 03

What is that which never asks a question yet
requires many answers?.



Solve Enigma 04

He that in music takes delight,
And he that sleeps secure at night,
And he who sails too near the land,
And he that’s caught by law’s strong hand,
He who his time in tavern spends,
And he that courts of law attends—
Are all acquainted well with me: My name you surely now must see.




Solve Enigma 05

I never was but always am to be;
None ever saw me, you may never see; And yet I am the confidence of all Who live and breathe on this terrestrial ball.




Solve Enigma 06

Round the house, and round the house, and
makes but one track.




Solve Enigma 07

I’m slain to save me—with much care and pain,
Scattered, dispersed, and gathered up again,
Withered, tho’ young—most sweet, tho’ unperfumed,
And carefully laid up to be consumed.





Solve Enigma 08

I tremble with each breath of air, And yet can heaviest burdens bear;
Tis known that I destroyed the world,
And all things in confusion hurled;
And yet I do preserve all in it Through each revolving hour and minute.




Solve Enigma 09

I’m rough, I’m smooth, I’m wet, I’m dry,
My station low, my title high,
My king, my lawful master is, I’m used by all though only his.




Solve Enigma 10

I’ve seen you where you never were, And where you never will be,
And yet within that very place,
You shall be seen by me.




Solve Enigma 11

What is that which a gentleman has not, and
never can have, but may give it to a lady?.


Solve Enigma 12

What is that which lives in winter, and dies
in summer, and always grows with its roots upward?.



Solve Enigma 13

Brown I am and much admired,
Many horses have I tired,
Tire a horse and worry a man,
Tell me this riddle if you can?.


Solve Enigma 14

What word is there of five letters that, by
taking away two, leaves one?.


Solve Enigma 15

Why is it folly to converse with a fish?.


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