13 Charades Game Quiz Play Online


Here is 13 Charades Game Quiz Play Online, Do you like to play Charades Games? Then here is the best Charades Tricky Puzzles with Answers.   

13 Charades Game Quiz Play Online

13 Charades Game Quiz Play Online


 All the Charades Game Answers are in the Box Below

Charades Online 01

My first is nimble,
my second innumerable,
and my whole dangerous.


Charades Online 02

My first is formal,
my second is a flower,
my whole is a flower.

Charades Online 03

My first is a color,
my second is a workman,
my whole is a workman.


Charades Online 05

My first dreads my second,
for my second de- stroys my first,
while many take a strange delight in my whole.


Charades Online 06

My first is a human being,
my second is to walk,
my whole is an Indian fruit.


Charades Online 07

My first is to spoil,
my second is a vowel,
my third is a precious metal,
my whole is a flower.


Charades Online 08

I made up my mind to second my first, And my whole from the dealer received;
But I found that my second
Was too long for my first, And returned my whole to the maker deceived.



Charades Online 09

My first is the product of my second,
and my whole is pleasant to romp in.


Charades Online 10

In winter’s time my first is seen, When the weather is very cold;
And is formed into my second
By children young and old. And if my whole you wish to find,
My first and second must be combined;
And then by looking you will see, A winter favorite in me.


Charades Online 11

Take half of what is needful for the dead,
What helps physicians to their daily bread;
Join these together bright and clear,
And drink for breakfast without fear.


Charades Online 12

My first is a weapon used in war,
my second lives in the sea,
my whole is a species of fish found in warm climates.


Charades 13

We are twin brothers, and in vain,
We never meet but to complain.




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